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Dominic should be your go-to home inspector. I opted to do a pre-inspection of my older cape cod home before putting it on the market to identify any big issues I wanted to take care of in advance. When I originally bought the home over a decade prior, my inspector uncovered over two dozen issues, and we had the sellers fix a whole bunch of them. Dominic's review was incredibly thorough, and he found a couple of bigger and some smaller things that I knocked out before sale (and a handful I did nothing about but was prepared to resolve if needed during the sale). Of course, the real review of Dominic's services should take into consideration the issues our buyer's inspector found. One. One issue. One of the small ones Dominic identified that I didn't bother to fix. (Ultimately, I still didn't fix it and the sale completed without issue.) The buyer's inspector didn't identify half a dozen other items Dominic's review had found that I left unfixed! Not sold yet? Well, when I quoted inspectors for the pre-sale inspection, I went with lowest price. Yes, Dominic also came in at the best price. Would a more expensive inspector have found all of the issues as Dominic did? Maybe. Would I have paid more regardless? Yup. Buyers: hire Dominic to do your inspection, especially on older homes where less experienced inspectors may not be as familiar with older-home issues. Sellers: get a pre-sale inspection from Dominic and head off issues that could come up during the selling process.
This customer rated you highly for work quality, professionalism, responsiveness, value, and punctuality.

Nick F.

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