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Radon is a radioactive gas with no smell, taste, or color. It can enter your home through cracks in the floor, gaps around pipes and foundations, or water seeping into the ground. The only way to know if you have radon in your home is to perform a test, and I am here to help. While I do not offer radon remediation services, I will provide you with detailed results to help you make an informed and educated decision to keep your home to keep it safe, healthy, and comfortable for years to come!
As a home inspection company offering radon testing services in the greater Silver Spring, MD area, you can be assured that my work is precise. Discover your home’s radon levels by contacting us today.

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Radon gas is the second-leading cause of lung cancer, and it’s an invisible killer that can sneak up on you. That’s why I am dedicated to performing complete home radon tests, so you can sleep easy knowing that your family is safe and healthy. I use cutting-edge radon testers that give you accurate and reliable results in a go.  My commitment to you goes beyond my service, as I put your safety as my top priority.

So whenever you need radon testing services in or near Silver Spring, MD, you already know who to call. I have undergone rigorous training to test for radon properly and I am fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and use only the most accurate testing methods.